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A Porch Makeover in 5 Easy Steps

Beautiful sunsets, soft breezes, greeting the neighbors while you rock in your porch swing…you can enjoy all these pleasures and more from your front porch.

All About the Prairie-style Home

A creation by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this home design is one of the few truly American designs in architecture

Backsplash Magic

Installing a custom ceramic tile backsplash in your kitchen is a wonderful way to add color and character to the room as a whole.

Best New Bedding Ideas

Like housing square footage, beds have upsized from the twin beds of the TV chaste 1950s, to extra deep California Kings, loaded with pillows, throws, and mix and match patterns and colors.

Best Ways to Mix Patterns In Your Décor

There are definitely tricks of the trade that are foolproof in any room, and you can learn them, too.

Budget Mudroom Makeover

Turning Wasted Space into Organized Storage

Buying a Barbeque Grill

If you don’t have a barbeque grill yet, you can definitely join the fun by choosing the right kind of grill for your outdoor space.

Choose Colors for Ambiance

Color personality tests are fun to take. Who doesn’t enjoy being told that they’re true blue or mellow yellow?

Choosing a Quality Carpet

How to choose a quality carpet for your home that will look great and handle the wear and tear

Clothes Closet Economics

Out of room in your clothes closet? We’ll help you decide if you need a closet makeover, or just need to purge.

Color Identity – Red

As the most sensual of the primary colors, red represents the polar ends of emotion – from anger, to joy, to love

Create a Homework Haven for Your Child

Hard work and dedication are keys to success, but so is having the right space to do homework.

Creating a Focal Point

Like a fine painting, every room has a focal point. It’s the element that draws your eye first, and invites you for a closer look.

De-clutter! It Helps Sell Your Home Faster

Less is more when selling your house.

Decorating Advice From First-Time Home Buyers

By combining yard sale finds, family artwork, and a few pieces dragged home from the dump, a young New Hampshire designer creates the perfect newlywed home.

Decorating Ideas with Plates

China or pottery plates are not only fun to collect, they make beautiful displays that give individuality to your home.

Does Your Entrance Say Welcome or Walk Away?

Putting extra effort into your home’s reception area will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers

Don’t Just Walk on Your Floors

Carpet, hardwood, tile or bamboo? What’s the best flooring choice when getting ready to sell your house fast?

Finding the Best Used Furniture

Finding great used furniture takes some digging – yard sales, consignment stores, antique malls, and more.

Garage Re-haul

Transform your garage into a useful work and storage space

Has Your Home Got the Blues?

Break away from the warm tone trends, and try something new

How to Pop Monotone Décor

White on white or neutral on neutral is the usual way to do a monotone décor, but how do you make it memorable?

How-to’s - Art Collecting for the Beginner

Part of what makes a house a home is surrounding yourself and your family with objects you love.

Install a Doggie Door

Once again, you’ve been held up by work. And your dog hasn’t been outside all day. By the time you get home, you and your dog are anxious, quivering wrecks. Is there a better way?

Investing in Fine Rugs

Get advice on investing in custom, contemporary and oriental rugs.

Keeping Kitchen Counters Clutter-free

Show off your white marble countertops, commercial range and custom backsplash

Knock Rust and Dust Off Your Grill Before You Barbeque

How to clean your grill before having your first barbeque of the season

Knock-Out Neutrals

By selecting from a range of neutral shades, you can add sophistication and selling power all at once.

Make Small Living Spaces Inviting

Not every home owner can afford to live large, but with a little creativity you can make a small home more attractive

Making Small Rooms Seem Big

Most of us have small rooms in our homes that we wish were bigger. By following a few simple house-selling tips, however, small rooms can resemble larger spaces.

Minimalist Chic Design for your Home

Less is more when it comes to inviting prospective buyers in for a look

Paint a Mural In Your Child’s Room

In six easy steps, you and your child can transform their room into a delightful storybook world, animal kingdom, or whatever they want.

Paint Your Own Fresco

A fresco is really a mural painting that you put on a wall or ceiling, just like Michelangelo.

Painting for Resale in 2010

Whatever color you choose, think traditional and soothing.

Quick Bathroom Beautification Projects

When you’re trying to sell a home, beautiful bathrooms can go a long way toward winning over buyers.

Redecorate This Home and Sell It

Five redecorating tips that’ll help sell your home in a hurry

Revitalize Your Home Office

In as little as a few hours, your cluttered home office space can become an efficient machine

Save Time Installing Wallpaper

Don’t let the size of a wallpaper job daunt you. Today’s wallpapers are easier to install than ever, especially if you have the right tools and organization.

Sell Your Home With Strategically Placed Artwork

Photography, oils, watercolor, posters: your walls say so much about you–sometimes even too much.

Southwest Style

A classic blend of native, Mexican Indian, wild west and pioneer influences

The Big Picture - Creating a Unifying Color Palette

If creating a unifying color palette for the whole house seems like a daunting task, don’t despair- it’s really much easier than you might think, and the following tips and tricks can help lead the way.

The Craftsman Bungalow

Older neighborhoods often feature bungalows – small homes that are full of charm.

The Fairytale Tudor

Finding a way to modernize the fairytale classic tudor.

The Importance of Mood Lighting

Several suggestions to choose lighting that will give you the ambiance you want, no matter what mood you’re in

The Importance of Thread Count in Bed Linens

You can go for a higher thread count, but there is more you need to know about quality sheets

The Low Down on Down Bedding

Is there any other textile for the bed or bath that feels more luxurious than down bedding?

The Power Of Color

Your inspiration is here. Create a winning color palate for your home with advice from the experts in our color makeover video series.

Using Color Theory in Home Décor

Using color theory to develop your interior color scheme

Warm Colors, Cool Colors

Red is hot and blue is cold, right? If your knowledge of colors is limited to the clues provided by the knobs on your bathroom sink, you are not alone.

What's the Magic Color for Selling Your House?

Painting can give almost any home a fresh start. Give your home an explosive transformation simply by picking the right colors.

When Buying A New Bed, Size Matters

If you’ve never bought a bed before or haven’t purchased a new bed in the last 10 years, you’ll have an easier time shopping by remembering one simple thing – size matters

Which Wallpaper to Choose?

Fashions change, and what was old is new again. Wallpaper is back.

Why We Love Ranch-style Homes

A few tidbits you didn't know that will help you appreciate ranch-style homes a lot more.
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